power flushing

Enhancing your heating system with power flushing


Improve the efficiency of your heating system

Water in your central heating system could be contaminated with rust, sludge and other debris due to internal corrosion. This causes corrosion, circulation and boiler noise problems, premature failures of heating system components and reducing system efficiency (increasing your fuel bills). By far the best solution for this problem is to have your system power flushed.


The process

Our high efficiency, high velocity power flushing machine is simply connected into the heating system which combined with flow reversal will dislodge and mobilise corrosion and sludge deposits. Clean water is then forced through the system, isolating each radiator in turn, forcing out sludge and corrosion particles.

At the end of the process scale and corrosion inhibitors are added giving long term protection to your heating system and significantly increasing the efficiency thus saving on heating bills. A clean system is also far less likely to breakdown or fail thus reducing repair bills and inconvenient disruptions.